24 Week Full Body Guide (Intermediate - Advanced)

This is a full-rounded workout guide, which covers upper body, lower body, abs, cardio, activation exercises and more, with a primary focus on the glutes. I really wanted to make something that pushes the limits and is the best value possible for the price. This is why I decided to make the programme 24 weeks long (6 months). Which can be repeated for another 6 months if you wished to do so. Also, instead of just telling you what to do without you knowing why, I actually explain everything in detail through the private videos which come with the guide. This will help you to actually learn and be able to progress into making your own workout guides in the future, rather than not understanding the WHY behind how things are structured. Everything in this workout plan is based on legitimate scientific information and research, along with personal conversations with my favorite Ph.D professors such as Bret Concreas. I am super happy and proud to be finally able to offer this workout guide!

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Below you can find everything that the guide covers:

  • 24 week, full body guide with a focus on glutes. This is a 4-day guide, with an option 5th day for cardio. There are 2 upper body days and 2 lower body days.
  • Private videos of me explaining everything you need to know about the guide and reaching your goals. The topics I cover include:

    • Macros, tracking your calories, intuitive eating
    • How to lose fat
    • How to gain muscle
    • Gaining muscle and losing fat at the same time? 
    • How to use the guide in accordance to your personal goals
    • Cheat days, snacks, over-eating and how to keep the balance when dieting
    • Explanation of the structure and exercises of the guide
    • Scientific evidence and articles from my favorite Ph.D professors
    • Volume and intensity explanation
    • Variety of exercises and deload weeks
    • Progressive overload and training limits
    • Advice on staying on track and being consistent
    • Taking time off the gym and the affects you can expect
    • Advice on progressing in weights
    • Technique, form and variants
    • Activation exercises and their importance
    • Avoiding injuries and long-term complications
    • Muscle soreness aka. DOMS and myths around the subject
    • Supplements: Useless or dangerous vs beneficial products
    • Myths in the fitness industry / avoiding incorrect information you see online
    • Seeing progress and training for maximum potential


    • Extra help from the guide’s Instagram page “@Belasfitguide”. This page is a community which offers extra help and advice for people whom are using the guide. Feel free to ask any questions at any time.
    • Videos of me doing the exercises in the app ‘Aflete’. This app will show you all the workouts and have videos available showing you how to perform each one correctly. You can also track all your weights, and make any notes you may need within the app.


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